Wellness Center

Get away from stress and enter a world of well-being.

Steam Bath
In the steam bath, the temperature reaches 42-45° Celsius with 80% humidity. The action of temperature and steam stimulates the skin pores to open and induces sweating. Deep cleansing of the epidermis is promoted through the elimination of toxins and impurities, steam clears the respiratory tract, has a relaxing effect, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, and oxygenates the tissues.
Emotional showers

Aromas and colours combine to make the shower a regenerating moment Chromotherapy and aromatherapy, when associated with the water jet, help to regenerate, excite and provide moments of physical and mental wellbeing.

sauna finlandese
Finnish Sauna

In the sauna, the heat can reach temperatures of 70-90° with low humidity (10-20%), relaxes the muscles and promotes purification of the organism. The sauna has relaxing and detoxifying properties and has positive influences on the mind and body and stimulates the natural rebalancing of psychophysical conditions.

Relax area

Enjoy the soft comfort of our relaxation beds.

It is essential to keep your body hydrated during the SPA journey, which is why you will find the herbal tea area where you can recharge your batteries with herbal teas, water and fruit.

Informazioni Centro Benessere

Orario di apertura della spa è il seguente: 12.00 – 18.00.

Prenotazioni: vi consigliamo di prenotare il vostro appuntamento in anticipo.
The number of accesses is always scheduled. We invite you to book your entrance as soon as possible.

Access includes a Courtesy Kit with bathrobe and slippers.

CHANGING ROOMS with personal combination lockers and showers.

Entrance to the Spa per person: €20 for hotel guests.
(request SPA offer for stays longer than 2 nights)

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