A feeling that becomes real beyond time. Details that make the difference and that embellish every corner of the Villa, even the most hidden. 

The search for perfection can be breathed, inside each room, like a delicate but unforgettable perfume.

Elegance is the common denominator, the stylistic code that makes each room an oasis of peace and privacy.

It is like being enveloped in an enchanted atmosphere, between ancient charm and modern comforts.

Harmony and discretion are the main colors of a canvas that recalls distinct and authentic ancient stately homes.



Each room is decorated with a mix of traditional and contemporary comfort.

Starting from €140 per day.

Services included:

  • Mini-bar
  • Continental breakfast
  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool with daily towel service
  • Recharge E-Bike
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi tub
Camera Angeli

Angels's Room


The Suite degli Angeli is an example of celestial delicacy. The veils that crown the headboard of the large bed are in white and gold and give the room a fairytale atmosphere.

Camera della Musica

Music Room


The Camera della Musica is inspired by the style and musical environment of the late 18th century. The furniture is harmoniously composed with elements of musical inspiration, creating a suggestive overall symphony.

Tailor's Room


Every detail is aimed at recalling that sweet tactile sensation of hands busy investigating fabrics, of needles intent on designing decorations and of heavy rolls of new fabrics, still without shape or destination.

Camera della caccia

Hunting Room


Bold but not excessive, the Camera della Caccia represents a refined combination of very different elements: some inspired by African "big game hunting", others by elements of modern art and liberty style.

Suite Imperiale

Imperial Suite


The sensation that reigns in this room is one of muffled silence and rest. The light that filters through the large windows gives peace to the environment and draws the details of the inlays in the furnishings and the slight movement of the curtains and fabrics.

Sailing Ships Suite


Large suite embellished with elements of the highest value. Among the rooms of the Residence, Velieri is certainly the most valuable. Each element of the furnishings communicates comfort and exclusivity.

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